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What Do I Need?

WIP board with rulers
WIP board with rulers hanging next to it

I was talking with my sister today, who wants to start quilting, and her question to me was, “What do I need to get started?”

I was asked this same question from someone else who is eager to start quilting. In fact, it was the very question I asked the very helpful employees and customers at my local fabric store. (Use to be local store. I now live where it is very rural. In fact, mountainous. Closest fabric store is about 100 miles away or I shop via the internet, a lot.)

So I told my sister I would make a list and post it for her and for anyone else who would like to know what they need to begin quilting.

Now keep in mind, this is just to get you started. I have been quilting for about three years now and I am always adding to my tools to make my quilting projects easier. So if you see something online or in your local fabric store that looks like it might help you, go for it.

Another thing to keep in mind, are you going to machine quilt your projects or hand quilt? Some of the things needed for hand quilting may be a bit different. I like to be able to do both. Depending on the size of the quilt and who it is for (an adult vs a child) will determine on whether it is machine or hand quilted. I will say that with the nifty quilting rulers that are available now, I am going to do more machine quilting.

So let’s get started getting some supplies together:

  • Cutting mat, preferably one that is 36″x24″ (sometimes you can get one as a kit, that comes with a rotary cutter)
  • Rotary cutter and extra blades (Olfa and Fiskers make nice ones)
  • 6.5″x24″ acrylic ruler
  • 6″ square acrylic ruler
  • maybe a smaller ruler size of your choice
  • fabric chalk pencils (3 or 4 different colors)
  • Straight pins approximately 1.5″ long
  • Basting pins medium and large (they look like bent safety pins)
  • a handle to put on your large ruler (helps with control when you are cutting – they have suction cups to hold it to your ruler)
  • tape measurer – never hurts
  • shears (large scissors)
  • snipping scissors (little scissors to trim threads)
  • Hand quilting? You will need Between needles (size 10-12) and a large quilting hoop
  • quilting gloves (you can buy expensive ones or get a pack of cotton gardening gloves with the silicon dots on the fingertips and palms, they work just as well.)
  • quilters thread (I use a neutral color, a lot. I also use coordinating colors, depending on the project. But neutral works great, especially for stitching in the ditch.)
  • Walking foot (you can find one for most sewing machines)
  • Spray Quilting Basting (it helps keep your quilt sandwich together)
  • Books – find a couple of beginner quilting books. Or go online to any of the links I have listed under my Favorite Places or even click on the merchants I have on my pages. You can find real nice quilt patterns for free or for a small price.
  • Once you have picked out your pattern, you will need fabric, batting and backing.

Oh and one more thing, YouTube! There are some great videos on there that will help to get you started on your journey to quilting.

Did I mention a large table? In my sewing room I have one of those white folding tables you can get at your warehouse stores. It’s about 2’x6′, and I really need another one. But when I am quilting a large quilt I move my sewing machine to that table to give my quilt more support. The bigger quilts get pretty heavy. So if you have a large dining room table that would be ideal. If not pick up one of the folding tables.

Wow! That is quite the list. I hope I didn’t forget anything. So, you probably won’t get everything on your first shopping trip. Again, check out my favorite places and the merchants on my site. There is always a sale going on some where. And don’t forget your friendly and even I am all for a bargin! Some of that stuff can get spendy.

If you have any questions, please send me an email at I will do my best to answer your question and get back to you in a timely manner.

Until then, happy quilting everyone!



crafts, hobby, home gifts, Montana, quilting tools

Monday, Monday

Missouri Star
Missouri Star for tablecloth project

My goal today was to make some headway on my WIP. Do five blocks count? I had great intentions, honestly I did. It just wasn’t happening. The dog wanted to play, so of course I had to play with him. Email kept popping up on my phone that had to be answered. The most important thing was talking with my husband while he was driving through some bad weather. I always have to know he is safe, especially when he has stopped for the night.

I had to look at some other quilters websites to see what was going on. Check out the sales at Look for cool rulers I could quilt with on And lets not forget

Okay, so it wasn’t a great sewing day, but I did get some good ideas on fabric for another project I have rolling around in my mind. I saw some very cool rulers I would like to add to my collection. Angela Walters from Quilting Is My Therapy has designed some real neat rulers and she demonstrates them on her YouTube channel.

Hmmm, after reading what I have been doing today I guess it wasn’t as unproductive as I thought. Tomorrow is another day. I will put more time into my tablecloth. I would like to have it finished before my husband gets home. It’s going to be nice and Spring like. I love the lime green and blues together like that. Did I mention it is going to be reversible?

Here is a peek at the other side

Five Patch Block
Five Patch Block for tablecloth

This side is more of the teal with some of the lime green colors (This photo doesn’t do the blocks any justice.). When it’s all said and done it will be a bright and cheerful tablecloth to chase away any winter blues. (Where are my sunglasses?)

That’s it for now. You all have a wonderful week. And if any of you are dealing with bad weather, stay safe, stay warm and stay inside.

Thanks for coming by!