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Bzzy Saturday

Hello friends and visitors! I am so glad you stopped by today. I do hope you are having a great week-end and that it’s not too hot for you. It’s definitely a warm July. We have been experiencing temperatures in the 90’s. I don’t mind the low 80’s but when it starts getting into the 90’s, that’s too warm for me.

hand quilting a wall hanging WIP

I have been working on my hand quilting WIP while waiting for the SAVE THE BEES BOM to begin. If you haven’t signed up for the BOM, there is still time! (Click on the link!) I am so excited for it to begin! The first block will be sent out August 6th, I think. I’m just waiting, waiting, waiting.

2018-Block-of-the-Month-Save-the-Bees-Jacquelynne-Steves Save the Bees BOM
(L) Timeless Treasures Fabric of Soho, LLC, Beeline (from (R) Save the Bees fabric kit from Jacquelynne Steves.

I bought some backing fabric for my BOM. It’s called Beelines from the Timeless Treasures Fabric of SoHo, LLC. I got it from I thought it was super cute and perfect for this project.

Applique moose and bear place mats (practice)

Since this BOM includes applique, I have been practicing machine applique. Okay, I have to admit, I am a traditional piece block person. Applique really isn’t my thing. But I know a lot of people like it and I found some super cute dies from Accuquilt. Elephants, fall medleys, moose and bear, flowers and more.

GO! Northwoods Medley
Accuquilt Go! Northwoods Medley

I am already planning a baby quilt with applique elephants, a fall quilt with fall leaves and dare I say, Christmas quilted items with super cute applique dies. I will get this applique technique down. In the meantime I am making place mats for a neighbor and friend, whose theme in her house is moose and bears (very Montana). It’s a way a saying thank you for all she has done.

For those of you who love to design quilts and blocks, Accuquilt is having an Accuquilt Quilt Block Design 2018 Contest! Enter your quilt block design(s) then see if you designed a winner! Here is the link: The contest ends July 31, 2018. I have entered several quilt block designs already, hoping one of them will be a winner.

I have been canning green beans, carrots and beets. I have planted more carrot seeds, I am just hoping they grow so I will have more carrots to can. My neighbor gave me a large box filled with pie cherries from her trees. So I have those to pit and freeze today. I am waiting for the chilies and peppers to start producing and the squash seeds I planted are growing! The cucumber is doing great! I can’t wait to pick those and believe it or not, my green onions are still growing. They are almost ready to be pulled. I had to put my outdoor table and chairs against the fencing to keep the deer from eating my tomato plants. I don’t want them to eat the plants before I harvest tomatoes. Fun times in the summer time!

The yellow jackets are out of control out here. I have five traps and they are full. I can’t go out on my front porch because there is a nest of them under it. My poor Monty dog has been stung several times now. I can’t wait for my husband to get home and deal with them. They are vicious. My neighbor said they would try to help me get rid of the nest. I just don’t want them to get stung. I don’t want my husband getting stung either.

I am getting ready for another giveaway! So be sure to keep in the know by signing up for email notification. I promise not to overwhelm your email box.

Please send me pictures and a brief description of what you are working on this summer. I would love to share them with everyone. Are you already thinking about Autumn and cooler temperatures? Planning for winter and the upcoming holidays? How about some great BOMs. There are lots of them going on right now. Lets share and compare!

I saw it on Fat Quarter Shop

Lori Holt Happy Farm Girl AuriFloss Thread Pack Aurifil #LH-FarmGirl-AuriFloss – Aurifil Thread


Until next time – What’s your favorite thread?

crafts, hobby, Home and Garden, home gifts, Montana, quilting tools

Kits Please!

Trivet Set
Trivet Set designed by Ann Johnson

I really like kits. They can be so much fun because they basically take all of the guess work out of whatever little or big project you decide to do. Some times you only need to purchase backing and batting for your kit project.

This particular kit I want to talk about is just one of the fun ones I purchased from Connecting Threads some time ago. I kept it for something to do between any big projects. Sometimes I just need to do something little and simple.

This kit came with great instructions, all of the fabric I would need except for backing, and batting. I bought coordinating fabric for the backing from the Grace collection by Heritage Classics on Connecting Threads. Unfortunately I don’t believe you can purchase from that collection any more. It also required Insul-Bright batting and regular batting.

This would have probably been a one day project but I took my time and did it in two. Cutting out all of the pieces probably took the longest, like usual. (I am going to get one of those Go Cutter systems from AccuQuilt. Just thinking about how much time I would save in cutting pieces and the wear and tear on my wrist makes it worth it!)

One of the great things about this trivet kit is there are four sizes, and two of each size. That gave some diversity in how they looked. It probably would be all right if they were all the same, but I like how they were all different. Another thing is I can reuse this pattern with different fabric. They would make a nice home-warming gift.

Mine are sitting in a little basket on the kitchen counter. I have a terrible habit of placing a hot pot on the counter without nothing under the pot. My husband informed me that the heat could cause the glue to separate from the counter top and cause problems. Or something like that. I took it to mean, Don’t Put Hot Pots and Pans Directly On The Counter. Hence, trivets. He really is patient with me. What can I say, he married a nutty red-head.

I have a few kits left in my stash. And of course, I have the patterns in my pattern book. So no matter what, I can always make neat trivets, placemats, and mug rugs, hobo bags, well, you get the idea.

Thanks for coming by and sharing a little of your time with me.

Until next time – Got Kits?