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Monday Blues and Greens

Greetings everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. My weekend wasn’t too bad until…

WIP/Design board
My Design/WIP board

I was working on my project and was at the point where I almost had side one of my reversible tablecloth complete when I realized my 3.5 inch squares were in fact NOT 3.5 inch squares. Talk about disgusted with myself. How could I have made such an error? Eighty-eight pieces of fabric unusable in this project.  That would be those “squares” on the far left. The pretty ones, white background, little blue and green flowers. Yep.

I wanted to throw a fit! Instead I nicely put all of the project into a tote, fabric, notes, drawings, everything. I didn’t have enough extra fabric to fix it. The place I bought it from only have it in the store. I couldn’t order any more on line. All I could do was hope I can get to Missoula during the time my husband is home and get some more. Maybe.

I got on FaceBook and said something on a quilters group about my mess. Let me tell you, those quilters on Sew Quilty Friends (you can join the FaceBook group – go to Jacquelynne Steves blog) were really encouraging! After having set the problem aside for a day and being encouraged by other quilters, who have done the exact same thing, I decided to make some adjustments to my pattern.

So after some time at the drawing table with my pencil, eraser and graft paper I came up with a modified version of my tablecloth. It requires me to cut those non-3.5 inch squares to 3 inch squares. Add fifty-six more squares of the same size and repeat the process for side two white on white squares. That’s eighty-eight times two plus an additional 112 pieces, well, you do the math.

Now I have to re-measure my left over fabric to make sure I have enough. I think I do, I think I do, I think I do. Fingers crossed.

The moral of this story is, don’t cut your fabric late at night when your eyes are blurry, no matter how close you are to the end of cutting your pieces. And, measure, measure, measure. And re-measure, re-measure, re-measure. Hopefully this mistake will only cost me time and not money.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Until next time – Got a square ruler?

2 thoughts on “Monday Blues and Greens”

  1. What started out to be a disaster.sounds like you saved your own day. Yippee!! Always reasons in life to learn 🙂

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