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Setting Up My Space: Part 1

When my husband, Wes, and I first moved into our home in Montana, we had decided which of the three bedrooms would be my quilting/sewing/office. The other spare bedroom would be his hobby room. That actually works out nicely, because I’m an organized person, most of the time, and well… he’s not. He is one of those people who thrives in chaos. Whereas for me, chaos makes me crazy.

Sewing table
Sewing table in front of the window

My selected room had carpet, green carpet. In fact the previous occupiers had a dog, which they apparently kept in that room. Can we say lingering dog urine odor? So the first thing we did (I say we but I really mean my husband) is pull up that nasty, stinking carpet and padding. Phew, that was some bad stuff.

Then we, I mean my husband, put down some nice flooring. It wasn’t anything expensive. After all it was for my quilting/sewing/office. The only traffic in here would be me and my puppy, Monty.

My new wood flooring
My new wood flooring

As you can see, the room isn’t that big. In fact, my desk is hidden in a little cubby hole. I’m not really sure what its intended purpose was for but my little desk fit right in it.

My office
My Cubbyhole Office

The four drawer file cabinet went against the wall the door is on and my sewing table is in front of the window. My cutting table (that my husband bought for me from Costco) went along the long wall adjacent to the file cabinet.

Cutting table
My cutting table with a WIP


Now mind you, everything was still in boxes and totes.( In fact a year later I still have unpacked boxes in the little closet space. I’m looking forward of moving those out.) My fabric was hidden, buried and just plain unattainable until I could come up with some kind of a solution.

One day, strolling through Costco I saw a commercial metal rack. The shelves were adjustable, it was chrome, all pretty and shiny and it was sturdy enough to handle totes of fabric and whatever I needed. We bought it and I put it up the same day. Yay! Taming chaos into organization!

Chrome commercial rack
My chrome commercial rack

I bought some little “S” hooks to hang different items to help me organize. I have various projects in the small colorful totes on the top shelf. The fabric in the tote on the second shelf has been organized by size, brand, collection and where purchased and rolled into recycled toilet paper and paper towel rolls. (Don’t throw those empty rolls away! Reuse them!)

The tote beneath that is WIPs. And the one beneath that is my fleece tote. I put my all my fleece together because it’s rather bulky.

In Part 2 of Setting Up My Space, I will show you how I set up my WIP board, rulers and a few other little things to make quilting easier, even modified my sewing table. So be sure to come back and see what I have done!

Until next time, organization pays!

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