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Monday, Monday

Missouri Star
Missouri Star for tablecloth project

My goal today was to make some headway on my WIP. Do five blocks count? I had great intentions, honestly I did. It just wasn’t happening. The dog wanted to play, so of course I had to play with him. Email kept popping up on my phone that had to be answered. The most important thing was talking with my husband while he was driving through some bad weather. I always have to know he is safe, especially when he has stopped for the night.

I had to look at some other quilters websites to see what was going on. Check out the sales at Look for cool rulers I could quilt with on And lets not forget

Okay, so it wasn’t a great sewing day, but I did get some good ideas on fabric for another project I have rolling around in my mind. I saw some very cool rulers I would like to add to my collection. Angela Walters from Quilting Is My Therapy has designed some real neat rulers and she demonstrates them on her YouTube channel.

Hmmm, after reading what I have been doing today I guess it wasn’t as unproductive as I thought. Tomorrow is another day. I will put more time into my tablecloth. I would like to have it finished before my husband gets home. It’s going to be nice and Spring like. I love the lime green and blues together like that. Did I mention it is going to be reversible?

Here is a peek at the other side

Five Patch Block
Five Patch Block for tablecloth

This side is more of the teal with some of the lime green colors (This photo doesn’t do the blocks any justice.). When it’s all said and done it will be a bright and cheerful tablecloth to chase away any winter blues. (Where are my sunglasses?)

That’s it for now. You all have a wonderful week. And if any of you are dealing with bad weather, stay safe, stay warm and stay inside.

Thanks for coming by!

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  1. You sounded productive to me 🙂 and yes hubbies come first. Anxiously waiting for your next project. Have you thought of doing a table runner. An idea! Have a fabulous day sis.

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